The Task That Broke The Camel’s Back

camel ouch

<<Snap!>> <<Ouch.>>

One too many things on our plates can cause us to break like the proverbial camel’s back.

When that email, task, or “Hey, couldya…” arrives to push us beyond our limits, what can we do? We can start ignoring things. We can pretend “none of this ever happened.” We can over promise and under deliver.We might even try lashing out.

Or, we can go for win-win. We recognize we are not nearly as good for others if we are “over done.” We can’t just keep pushing ourselves. Instead, we acknowledge their request. We affirm our desire to help, explain–ever so briefly and with exactly zero drama–our own busy-ness, and ask by when this needs to be done. Then we brainstorm and negotiate ways to satisfy their needs and ours. Example: “How can we have your request fulfilled given our time/workload constraints?”


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Today’s photo credit: plucciola via photopin cc

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