Spend the Time


Much as we’d love to just get things done, doing something well is time consuming. And worth it because the alternative is so much more expensive (due to higher costs to repair later,  loss of clients, lower morale, etc.).

Helping others so that they do things well is even more time consuming. And even more worth it for all involved.

Spend the time.


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Today’s photo credit: Christopher Craig via photopin cc

2 thoughts on “Spend the Time

  1. A big issue, Mike that needs a lot of emphasis. Rush, rush, rush is what the lives of many of us are all about. I’m increasingly finding (as I get older?) that “slow and steady… and thoughtful” is much more efficient… And less hasel too!

    1. Hi Jay,

      We can all say, “Oh, yes. I want to slow down.” You, on the other hand, are testifying to the effectiveness of slowing down. Thank you.


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