If You Only Knew

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If you only knew the power you have. Within each of us is a wiser part that has the connection, meaning, answers and solutions we otherwise struggle to find.  If you only knew.   In your corner, Mike Today’s photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures

At Moments Like These

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Complaining about, fearing, or fighting something that we don’t like is the painful, slow way. Such focus only strengthens it. Focusing on what we do like is similar. The more attention we give, the more it will grow. As counterintuitive as it seems, our best way is to leave alone what we don’t like, to refuse to give […]

Swayed By Reality

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The sages tell us that the formula for creating any outcome is belief->actions->results. This is a leverage formula. We leverage action into results because we know that taking concerted action generates more results than our default, reactive action. We usually forget the first, more powerful part of the formula. Focused belief generates better actions (and […]

Feeling Justified?

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We might feel justified for thinking that we are small, low-power players who cannot possibly change the things we care about. But we’d be wrong.   In your corner, Mike PS: Yes, this applies to you. Yes, today. PPS: Hint: do not fight anything or anyone. Instead, love and lead by the example you want […]

Nothing Is As Powerful As…

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They say that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Actually, there is one thing more powerful: a person who has committed herself or himself to a clear, compelling outcome. Committed means, “This will happen. It won’t happen through bull-headedness, force,  or hope. There may be obstacles but no excuses. I will simply see […]

Present Present

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Presence is simply staying focused on what’s happening now instead of worrying about the future, regretting the past, defending ourselves (“Here’s why I am justified…”), or attacking others (“I am so right and you/they are not”). There is a gift inside every moment. We miss the gift when we are too busy worrying, regretting, defending, […]

What Power Is and Who Has It

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Power is presence. It is the ability to stand calmly in front of any obstacle and, without trying, have it ease or melt away. Anything else–wishing, pushing, guiting, tricking, attacking, criticizing, fighting, complaining–is mere force. If we pause and look, we will see we all have the potential to be very powerful. When you get this […]

Gentle Nudge

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You are good. You are strong. You do good work. We need you today. Thanks for being here. Let’s have fun!   In your corner, Mike PS: Sometimes all we need is a gentle nudge. PPS: The people around you are just as thirsty. Pass this on, dear leader.   Today’s photo credit: greatbigshowoff cc


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The sages tell us that work and life-in-general get easier and easier as we learn to be more and more present, aligned, and quietly powerful. In this state, we are less likely to see life as something to win or to protect ourselves from. And we then honestly agree with the sages when they say that […]