Thriving on the Care and Goodwill of Others

lower shields

Most people are genuinely good. They are kind and helpful. They want to succeed and want us to succeed. For many unimportant reasons, these people just don’t broadcast this goodness. We, then, are left to wonder and worry: how might they harm us? And we thus spend lots of energy to keep our shields up.

Of course, for the same unimportant reasons, we don’t broadcast our goodness. And that causes them to keep their shields up around us.

Silly, huh?

Let’s lower our shields and let in all that goodness. We can really thrive on and contribute to all the trust and goodwill that’s out there.


In your corner,


PS: Should we ever encounter someone who is not so good, we needn’t worry; we’ll be able to recognize it and shift away, easy peasy.

Today’s photo credit: Erik Daniel Drost via photopin cc

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