What Power Is and Who Has It

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Power is presence. It is the ability to stand calmly in front of any obstacle and, without trying, have it ease or melt away. Anything else–wishing, pushing, guiting, tricking, attacking, criticizing, fighting, complaining–is mere force. If we pause and look, we will see we all have the potential to be very powerful. When you get this […]

Gentle Nudge

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You are good. You are strong. You do good work. We need you today. Thanks for being here. Let’s have fun!   In your corner, Mike PS: Sometimes all we need is a gentle nudge. PPS: The people around you are just as thirsty. Pass this on, dear leader.   Today’s photo credit: greatbigshowoff cc


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The sages tell us that work and life-in-general get easier and easier as we learn to be more and more present, aligned, and quietly powerful. In this state, we are less likely to see life as something to win or to protect ourselves from. And we then honestly agree with the sages when they say that […]


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Deep down, we know all this: People follow, agree with, and buy from people who are genuinely calm, energetic (those are not mutually exclusive), and confident. People resist people who try to fake it or who are frenetic, angry, negative, fearful, or unsure. Negativity, fear, anger etc. come from regretting the past or worrying about the […]

Nothing More Powerful

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Need someone to change for the better? Nothing is more powerful than believing that they can and telling them so.   In your corner, Mike PS: We can’t really fake this. They can tell when we’re just sayin’ it. But we don’t have to be 100% certain. Just mostly certain. I know you can find a way to […]


About Your Power

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Our power is our capacity to create. It flows through our desire, our vision, our reason and knowledge, and how we engage and influence others. Power is different from force. Force is what we might use to make people and things bend to our will. Power feels good. Force feels bad. When we use our power, we […]


We Can Cultivate Confidence

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Leading, influencing, selling, and success-in-general require that we are confident. We are confident when we trust our power. Our power is our ability to create through our thoughts. Unexpectedly, our power appears to be always there, always on. The trick is being very picky about which thoughts we focus our attention upon. Yes, even that […]


What Do They Mean, “Now”?

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The sages tell us to be present, live in the now. They all swear by it. They say it’s where we are most powerful. And they share their heartiest, “It’s the grooviest, man,” “You gotta dig it,” and similar endorsements whenever the topic comes up. But what do they mean really? And what about history? […]