Power and its Opposite

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Let’s agree to be powerful leaders (with or without title). To do that, let’s first distinguish power from its opposite. Power is the stance of a person who knows who she is, who understands his habits and fears, and who, no matter what happens or may happen, remains undefended and clearly focused on and in […]

Be a Powerful Leader

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A forceful leader defends her vulnerabilities and discounts her people’s capabilities. All that remains available to her to get things done is some form of shoving. A powerful leader has no need to defend and believes more in others’ capabilities than even they themselves do. As a result, lots of good work gets done. From […]

Get Something Rolling

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When things around you are going poorly and it seems you have no power to change it, think again. You can change more than you imagine. We think we have no power only because we confuse power with force. We forget the difference and end up thinking we need to use force. That feels awful […]