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6 Reasons You Don’t Have Enough Ideal Clients (and How to Fix That)

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Ideal clients are the ones we love to do business with. They are easy to work with, appreciate and value us, challenge us and want us to challenge them. Doing business with them is profitable and they think they are getting a good deal from us. We wish we could clone them and they wish all their partners could be more like us. So why can’t all our clients be ideal one? Read on to learn six things that get in the way and what to do instead.

What’s Truly True?

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Albert Einstein, on being congratulated that an experiment had confirmed a prediction in his theories of relativity, said, “No amount of experimentation will ever prove me completely right, but one new fact can prove me completely wrong.” Certainty should be reserved for things which are eternally, unquestionably true. Not much meets this criterion. Let’s adopt […]

Suppose We Don’t

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Suppose we cut corners? Suppose we feather our nests? Suppose we get while the getting is good? Suppose we compete on price? Suppose we sue? Suppose we press our advantage? Suppose we underpay? Suppose we over promise? Suppose we cut our training and development? Suppose we bait and switch? Suppose we baffle? Suppose we trick […]

Getting People Ready to Listen

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Having difficulty getting others to see your point of view? Start by demonstrating that you understand theirs. Having difficulty demonstrating that you understand their point of view? Start by asking them about it. When people know you have understood them, they quite naturally open to understanding you.   In your corner, Mike Today’s photo credit: […]

How Vulnerable Are You?

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Vulnerability, intimacy, caring, and emotional risk. Mostly we’ve learned to avoid these at work. But, adopted with care, these become our power tools. They build trust which builds all great organizations and differentiates us in the marketplace. You see, work is intensely personal, human. These tools help us navigate the important issues and emotions we […]