Suppose We Don’t

Suppose we cut corners? Suppose we feather our nests? Suppose we get while the getting is good? Suppose we compete on price? Suppose we sue? Suppose we press our advantage? Suppose we underpay? Suppose we over promise? Suppose we cut our training and development? Suppose we bait and switch? Suppose we baffle? Suppose we trick ’em? Suppose we get them with the fine print? Suppose we think, “Well, everybody else is doing it, why not us?”

People are smart. They will see. No matter how short-term appealing it might seem, if we proceed with something that isn’t a win for both them and us, it will always eventually be a lose for us all.

Let’s be the ones people choose over and over because we don’t suppose any of those things.


In your corner,


Today’s photo courtesy of geralt

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