To be a Pollyanna is to be irrepressibly positive amidst the realities of life. Those who haven’t figured it out yet use the term pejoratively. They say, “Face the realities of life! Don’t try to pretend everything is great when it clearly is not. Don’t be such a Pollyanna.”

And we say, “Of course we face those realities. Then we find the good, the fun, the light, the helpful, and the profitable in it all. Because, you see, we know that the realities of life tend to bend to our attitudes, good or bad. So we opt for the good.”


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PS: Have a nice day. Really.

PPS: Try searching for the positive before or during your next meeting, sales call, interview, or family event.  It’s most fun to watch how things change because you did.


Today’s photo credit: Nuno Barreto via photopin cc

One thought on “Pollyanna

  1. Loved today’s post. In my office, I once got the term wrong and called myself Polly Optimist, to the amusement of my colleagues. The name has since morphed into a noun – and I am now referred to as “a polyoptimist”. I quite like this – I’m optimistic about everything!

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