There Is A Field


Out beyond left and right, beyond us and them, beyond even right and wrong or good and bad, there is a field rich with the universal motivators of freedom, joy, growth, and love.

When division, judgementalism, politics, and interpersonal friction threaten to harm us, any of the people, our organizations, or our communities, we will find nurturing, profitable solutions in this field.

Lead from here. Go for win-win. And the rest will work out perfectly.


In your corner,


PS: Don’t be tricked into thinking this is a cruel world. You, me, and all of us make it not so.

PPS: A corollary of win-win is that we choose not to play the game with people who won’t go along with win-win.

PPPS: Tip o’ the hat to Rumi.


Today’s photo credit: Nevalenx cc

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