The Grass May Seem Greener

When you are considering a change in your career, you face the “grass is always greener” problem.

You can leave for something that may be better than what you have now. And if you do, you might find that it is great or that it is not really all that different. Or you can stay and work to improve what you have now. And if you do, you may find new levels of challenge, meaning, success, and satisfaction. Or you may not.

How can you decide which one to do?

Here’s how. Notice how we have framed the question. “Should I stay or should I go?” is an A-B question. That is, you are comparing one with the other and hoping to pick the best. You may end up with what is the better of two choices and it still may not be ideal.

Instead find a standard to measure both options against then choose the one the best matches the standard. I suggest you build your standard with your answers to these four questions:

  1. What are my talents?
  2. What do I care about?
  3. What do I need, want, and desire?
  4. What are the needs, wants, and desires of others (individuals and organizations) that I find compelling to help with?

Answer these questions and you will have your SweetSpot. Compare your options against (and think up some others with) this standard and you will not have to worry about greener grass.


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