Under Stress, We Do Exactly the Wrong Things


Under stress, we act in ways that directly counter our values/motivators/drivers.. If, for example, we value practicality, under stress we will do very impractical things. If we value connection and service,  we will create isolation and poor service when we are stressed. Recognizing when you are stressed is easy: you are not getting what you value most.

Whenever you are stressed, you can get back to where you want to be. Consciously recall and refocus on your values, interests, drivers, passions, etc. Write them down. Write down what actions you are taking that are counter. Then write down ideas for actions you can take that are in line with what you value. Also try feeling good with any of these tools: the flip, the ladder, telling yourself a different lie, the keep-or-toss, focus on the good stuff, and this is me.


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Today’s photo credit: Amy McTigue cc

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