Quick Check


Here is a quick check-in tool you can use to test the health of a project, venture, business, or career.

  1. Do I (or does everyone involved) have a clear, compelling (i.e. I/we really want to keep doing it), and complete understanding of the big-picture goals?
  2. Do all who matter (to this project, venture, business, or even to my career) currently believe they personally will win by being part of this?
  3. Do I (or does everyone involved) honestly and completely believe I/we will succeed?
  4. Am I (or are we) getting stuff done “in the zone”, “in a flow”, without pushing or procrastinating?

If you can honestly say “yes” for each of them, then you are on the road to success. And a “no” is often a more valuable answer.

For every “no,” ask, “What is true now regarding the topic of this question? What would it need to look like so that I can answer ‘yes’ to the question? What’s the first step?”


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PS: Use this check-in tool frequently. For a project you might use it weekly or monthly. For your business, use it quarterly or annually. Or use it any time you get that itch that says you may be off track.


Today’s photo credit: El Bibliomata via photopin cc

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