The Natural Flow Toward Agreement

There is a natural flow of any leadership, sales, or influencing conversation toward agreement. And we can either go with that flow or against it.

Going against the flow looks like us having the answers already, deciding, telling, yelling, demanding, pleading, or complaining. When we go against the flow, we get to the end zone before everyone else and wonder why everyone else hasn’t followed us. We believe that our way will be faster because we cut right to the chase and because it has worked in the past.

But all it really does is generate active or, more often, passive resistance, discord, and delay.

Going with the flow includes constantly building relationships and trust, making sure we understand each other’s perspectives and desires, and exploring together possible solutions that work for both sides until we reach an agreement.

Surely this must take a long time! Nope. Directing conversations to follow this flow works better and faster because we aren’t slowed by the resistance.


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Today’s photo credit: Kirt Edblom cc

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