3 Reactions to Growth

image of carrots growing

We are entering what could be one of the largest spikes in economic growth we’ve seen in a generation or two. Pent up demand and cash continues to explode. How will we respond when growth hits us?

We have three choices:

Give It: Stomp on the gas. Work harder. Push.
Give In: Duck for cover. Tread water. Shrink.
Give To: Take the time. Build capacity. Flourish.

Most of us unwittingly choose Give It or Give In because we didn’t believe there was another option. The good news is that, at any time, we can Give To. With just a bit of care, we can invest and build capacity no matter what else is going on in the business.

If your business could speak, it would probably say, “Let’s invest. Let’s Give To.”

In your corner,


PS: We can talk about how, if you like.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay