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A man I met at a swim meet recently told me something enlightening. Whenever growing swimmers plateau in their performance–unable to go faster in race after race despite the effort–they are fighting the water. Their way of swimming pushes hard against the water and the water always wins.

Same for us.

As leaders who want to grow themselves and their organizations, we get stuck because we are pushing hard against the world and wearing ourselves out with all the effort. Trying to make things happen, trying to get people to do stuff, trying to create joy through outcomes rather than the other way around are how we fight against.

Swimmers get past their plateaus by working with the water not against it. They practice minor adjustments and watch their race times improve. We and our organizations get past frustrating blocks by practicing minor adjustments that have us working with not against.

We seek to understand others and invite them to play win-win. We create joy first and watch the outcomes follow. And we build a mental / emotional environment (essentially believing in others’ abilities and our success before the evidence appears) where great stuff happens with ease.

So much better, yes?


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Today’s photo credit: Helene Iracane 2e meeting Masters Henri Théolat, Poitiers via photopin (license)

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