Nothing To Prove


Deeply woven into our global culture is a belief that we each need to prove ourselves, pay dues, and try to make up for some fundamental deficiency. Though we may be tempted to think it’s a good thing, this belief subtly but strongly limits our enjoyment, growth, and freedom.

And what if it’s wrong? What would life be like if we and everyone else had nothing to prove, no dues to pay, and no fundamental flaws to correct? We may fear that life would halt and either extreme lethargy or chaos would overtake us.


Life would continue much as it has. We would still have challenges and overcome them. We would still go out for dinners, enjoy entertainment and hobbies, take walks, raise families, and build great things together. But it would all be much lighter, simpler, easier.


In your corner,


PS: You are fine. You are better than fine. You have nothing to prove, no dues to pay, no flaws to patch. At all. See how much lighter you are already?


Today’s photo credit: Sam Howzit cc


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