The Leader's Gift

I have a gift for you.

Let’s tackle something important.

It could be anything. Growing as a leader, transforming your team, launching a new project, setting a new direction, making a plan, making something work better, handling a issue, or just thinking through something. Typically, it’s something that you really want to handle and for whatever reason you haven’t yet.

I will carve out at least two hours for you. You’ll get a powerful coaching experience that you will never forget. I’ll get to do something I love: coach and support someone like you. If, at the end of our session, we agree that working together further makes sense, I’ll propose something then.

In any case, you will walk away with clarity and an action plan. Call me to schedule time for your gift.

– Michael

P.S. Once you’ve received this gift, you get to give it to others. Give it to any leader who you think would benefit. It will be your gift to them through me. Have them call me to schedule a time.