Make the Investment 

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When overloaded, the last thing we want to do is add more projects and tasks to our plate. But here’s a project that will remove things from our plate: renovate our task/attention management system. Time invested here will help us choose the most important things to do, throw away the low-value stuff, handle all the […]


No Need to Figure Things Out

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Under pressure, fighting fires, or overwhelmed, it’s easy to believe that our job is to get into action, to figure things out, and to navigate thorough the mess. Or to hide and hope it all blows over. Nope. Our job is to raise our buzz, see the better solutions that we can only see when […]


What NOT To Do When Overwhelmed

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We could blame others, ourselves, or the situation. But things would get worse if we did. We might try working harder. But we would only succeed in digging ourselves deeper into the hole. Ignoring the sense of being overwhelmed or pretending we are not overwhelmed might be the strategies to choose. But they at best […]


The Unintuitive Solution to Overwhelm

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When you are in overwhelm, stop. Please. Stop. It makes no sense to keep pushing when we are feeling swamped. Though it seems like exactly the right thing to do, striving to accomplish more just adds fuel to the fire. No amount of action can get us out of overwhelm. So stop.  Pause. Take three deep, belly breaths. Feel […]

it's a sign

Overwhelm is a Sign

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Overwhelm is a sign that we are trying to keep track of our tasks in our head. Though our brains are wonderful, they are terrible at tracking more than a handful of things. To relieve our brains of this burden, we write down every possible* task or project in a task storage facility. Whether it’s something near-term […]


What To Do With All Those Great Ideas

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We can come up with some pretty great ideas for projects, businesses, jobs, and adventures we’d love to do. They can occur to us in a meeting, while cleaning the dishes, on a walk, in the shower, during our commute, and even if we lie in bed unable to sleep. Our ideas may be, at various […]

too much

Too Much Email, Too Many Meetings

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Meetings and emails can certainly overwhelm us. Each one represents another request–or twelve!–to do something. How can this keep going? How can we possibly get everything done? Our job is not to get it all done. We are neither supposed to answer every email nor attend every meeting. We cannot possibly satisfy every request. We […]



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What do we do when there is too much to do? How can we get to working on the big, important things when there are so many fires to fight? At first, working harder, getting organized, and using more efficient processes helps. But soon the complexity of work outstrips our ability to just press harder. […]


Organizational Overwhelm

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When your entire team or organization is in overwhelm, one or more of these are broken. Rhythm – Too many, too few, or the wrong sorts of meetings. Lack of tracking what we’ve committed to. Under- or over playing the value of systems. Poor accountability and follow-through on the important-but-not-urgent stuff. Roles – Uncomfortable overlaps […]