How Do You Value Your Career?

A client recently said, “I am what I do.” Hmm.

Your career is meant to be fulfilling. It should be a source of energy, pride, and joy. It should be one avenue for having what you need, want and desire in your life.

But it is not all of who you are.

To what extent do you measure your own worth–exclusively or nearly so–by the work you do?

What would it look like if you, like my client, flipped your thinking to, “I do what I am”?

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Value Your Career?

  1. Without getting too abstract here,is not the only way that anyone can “see” you (apart from your physical appearance) is through the mark that you leave, ie, through what you do and have done? What you do goes way beyond your career – it includes everything you do, as might be listed in an individuals total life resume.I don’t see this definition of an individual as either negative or positive, it seemsto me to be “operational”, a way to examine one’s life and career based on facts, rather than assumptions and fuzzy generalizations based on atypical or one-off events. If you say (to yourself, for example) that you love your job, it is what gives meaning to your life etc, why do you find yourself constantly trying to avoid doing it? Maybe the way forward is to think about what other job might be more satisfying?

    1. And, and I really encourage this, what are the criteria that must be met in order for you to have more satisfying work? Most of us have NO CLUE. And it’s not that hard to figure out.

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