Don’t Be Seduced By The Cruel

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No matter what you hear or read in the news, the world is getting better and better. But, you might ask, aren’t there atrocities? Isn’t there great suffering? What about all the destruction? Isn’t there war, corruption, malfeasance, murder, and mayhem? And what about my own struggles? Doesn’t all this horribleness count? Yes. And none […]


For Big Change, Ignore the Naysayers

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If we want to influence a big change, we need not spend much time trying to convince the naysayers, the haters, the opponents. They will change or not. And they are only a minority. Instead, we concentrate on the lovers, the crew, the vanguard. They are also a minority. But once they are inspired, we can help this minority create […]


When You Avoid Your Task List

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We often avoid or even abandon our tasks lists because they get too full. We’ve stuffed them with things we could, should, hafta, or wanna do. And now they sit there, reminders of what we haven’t yet completed. Ugh. No wonder we avoid them. But that avoiding is costly. It takes lots of mental and […]


Ray of Sunshine

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Without much effort at all, we can see the amazing beauty that surrounds us this moment. We have all experienced it before. Even in the sameness of our daily commute or through the lens of all the frustration and pain that remains in the world, we can sense that underlying hum of joy in pretty […]


Five-Minute Feedback

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Giving others feedback is one of the more difficult jobs of a leader. It can be so uncomfortable. We know we have to do it and do it well. But we can’t see an easy way. So plow through it quickly to get it over with, delay it (sometimes for way too long), try to get someone […]

getting busy

Getting Busy Never Works

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We easily get the results we want when we first put ourselves in a productive, good-feeling state. Sadly, most of us never do that. We run headlong into our days. We try to feel good by getting busy. It’s as if we say, “When I get all these tasks done, then I’ll feel good. Until then, I will stress, […]

tempus fugit

Take Time for Training

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“I really can’t delegate this. They can’t do it as well as I can. Since I have to fix whatever they do, it’s faster if I do it myself.” “I am so busy.” This is a pernicious trap that keeps us away from the business-building, strategic work that is the leader’s mandate. Chances are very […]


What to Pay For/Charge As a Consultant?

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Consultants can earn anything from nothing to holy-moly-thatsalotta-dough. Generally, we pay a consultant roughly what we might pay an accountant or a lawyer. Whether we are considering hiring a consultant or becoming consultants ourselves, we can gauge fees based on these factors (in no particular order): The industry or client: Rates are higher in some industries. Competition from other […]