Don’t Be Seduced By The Cruel


No matter what you hear or read in the news, the world is getting better and better.

But, you might ask, aren’t there atrocities? Isn’t there great suffering? What about all the destruction? Isn’t there war, corruption, malfeasance, murder, and mayhem? And what about my own struggles? Doesn’t all this horribleness count?

Yes. And none of it is to be tolerated. But there is much less than there used to be and much, much less than we all fear. Don’t be seduced by the cruel.

Take time today to notice, consider, and appreciate how much is going well in our lives and in the world. For every horror story we hear, recall all the happy stories we don’t hear. It feels good when we do.

Thus, dear leader, we live better lives and have much more energy and smarts available to give help where it is still needed.


In your corner,



Today’s photo credit: Monteregina (Nicole) cc

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