You Need Not Struggle

round and round

We regularly struggle in jobs that have long ago stopped working for us. We get stuck because our day-to-day busy-ness takes all our time. And we harbor fear-uncertainty-doubt about what–if anything–else we might do. It seems easier to stay put and tolerate it. “That’s just part of life, eh?”

But it becomes a downward spiral. Staying put and tolerating drains us. The more we are drained, the less energy we have to make a switch. And the more it seems easier to stay put and tolerate.

If this sounds all too familiar, there’s good news: you can break the cycle. First, improve your thinking to feel better right where you are. Notice what is already good. Even before you make a change, feeling better will help you see better possibilities and make better choices. Then make a plan anchored in what you want (income, time, freedom, possibilities, etc.), what you are good at, what drives you, and where you get to solve the kinds of problems that you find compelling.

You need not struggle.


In your corner,


PS: We are talking about staying too long. Of course, flying away at from a situation too soon robs you of the chance to prove and improve yourself.

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