The Simpler Way To Land A Job

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Landing a job can be a hard and unrewarding endeavor. We can waste time and drain our psyches by trolling job boards, sending out résumés, attending networking events, going on dead-end interviews, and hoping. Yet there is a simpler way to land a job. First, we become killer candidates. Second, we grow our network until it includes […]

SweetSpot 2014

Four Ways To Know You’re In the Right (or Wrong) Career

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Work that doesn’t use your talents is work you should have others do. Work that doesn’t engage your passions is a dead end. Work that doesn’t meet your needs, wants, and/or desires is martyrdom. Work that doesn’t solve compelling problems for other people or organizations is a hobby. Work that engages all four of these factors–talents, passions, needs/wants/desires, and compelling problems–is […]


Job Fit

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How can you tell if you are in the right job? It feels good. In particular: You regularly use your core talents (as opposed to skills), You engage (most of) your passions, values, and motivators, It’s a win for you (you meet your needs for, say,  money, challenge, environment, freedom, working with good people), and […]

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You Need Not Struggle

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We regularly struggle in jobs that have long ago stopped working for us. We get stuck because our day-to-day busy-ness takes all our time. And we harbor fear-uncertainty-doubt about what–if anything–else we might do. It seems easier to stay put and tolerate it. “That’s just part of life, eh?” But it becomes a downward spiral. […]

The best way to get a job.

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How do you find and land a great job? A great job is one that  suits you, rewards you, lets you offer your best to the world…and pays the bills! There are many paths to landing a great job.  The one I’ve outlined works well and is more likely to get you a great job. […]