You Have a Mission

keep going

You have a mission. No matter how young or old you are, it’s inside you and aching to be realized. Even in the face of your fears, doubts, and uncertainties, it asks you to be that man or that woman who stands and chooses again and again to give it life.

Yes, it is both rewarding and terrifying. The good news is you’ve got all of us to lend you a hand. You can do it. We await your orders.


In your corner,



PS: Hey, don’t get derailed with concern that your mission is too small or large or insignificant or impossible. Measure your mission by the amount of bravery, heart, strength, and smarts used to realize it and by the reward received in return. When you do you will see that, whether it touches 1 or billions, your mission and everyone’s mission have exactly the same size and value.

Today’s photo credit: loop_oh via photopin cc

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