The Guilty, Dark Side of Goals


Goals help. We know that setting a goal focuses our efforts and greatly increases the chances of getting our desired outcomes.

But goals have a guilty, dark side.

Because we know that day-to-day troubles and whims can distract us, we commit to achieving our goals, no matter what. We then proceed to turn our goals into realities.

Something happens along the way, though. Having started work on the goals and moving closer to them, we can see things much more clearly than when we had first set the goals. We have learned. And we often realize that we need to reset our goals. But we feel bound by our original commitments. This is the guilty, dark side of goals.

Rigidly holding onto a goal that no longer makes sense is a great way to discourage and disengage all involved. No one wants to achieve a goal that has lost its meaning.

As long as we aren’t making excuses, we get to update goals as often as we want.


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