Tell, Tell, Tell, Yell!

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Tell, tell, tell, yell. (To which we all respond with hide, fight, complain, and deflect.) Easy but not so effective, is it? What does work? Build relationship and trust constantly. Agree to argue the points not the personalities. Agree on the why and outcomes before the how, when, and who details. Make sure everyone is […]

Why Not?

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What if we give all of our current projects a score? Things that we love doing, that serve us well, that have us feeling great and connected to our purpose get a 10. We give a 1 to things that we hate doing, that drain us, and that have no discernible purpose. And we give […]

Nothing Is As Powerful As…

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They say that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Actually, there is one thing more powerful: a person who has committed herself or himself to a clear, compelling outcome. Committed means, “This will happen. It won’t happen through bull-headedness, force,  or hope. There may be obstacles but no excuses. I will simply see […]

TAP: The Accountability Process

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Holding each other accountable is a critical part of working well together. All leaders must master this. Many struggle to get others to follow through. But with TAP (The Accountability Process), it’s really straightforward. There are two main steps: Agree on who will do what by when. Whoever has agreed to accomplish something gets it done by […]

We Don’t Dare Dictate Deadlines

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Want to have more wasted effort, delays, and incomplete work? All we have to do is dictate deadlines and watch everyone’s productivity come crashing down. When we dictate deadlines, we are asking for resistance, unsustainable heroism, and mistakes. We aren’t the experts in their work. They are. We are not committing to a deadline. They are. […]

Waiting Not Required

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We don’t have to wait until we are experts before starting something new. Most successful people figured it out along the way. You can, too. Commit to it and go.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Tom Woodward cc

Picking a Dream

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Achieving a dream requires that we first commit whole-heartedly to that dream. But–oh–we hesitate. We’re afraid that if we pick one dream we’ll either mess it up or miss out on other, better ones that we just don’t know about yet. Hesitation leads to lack of commitment which leads to dreams unfulfilled. Bleah! Here’s the solution: commit […]


But What Should I Commit To?

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“Ah,” you say. “I would love to commit but I haven’t a clue what I should commit to.” It turns out that this is also simple. Go with what makes you leap for joy. Pick anything (and there are several things that will work for you) that makes your heart sing, that demands your talents, […]


Commit To It

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Everything is hard if we keep focusing on the obstacles or the “yeah, buts.” Everything becomes easy as soon as we commit to it. It’s simple, really.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Scott Ableman cc