Things Get Done When We Let Them Rest


The sages tell us that everything has its time. “Whatever needs to happen will happen when it does,” they say. “Let it rest. No need to push.”

Wait. What?! C’mon!

Hold on. It turns out that the sages are right. “Letting everything have its time” is a useful planning tool. Use it whenever you have an important or complicated desired outcome but no next step that feels good.

Record in your inventory of things you could do the desired outcome. If there is no next step to take that feels good as you consider it, wait. Let it percolate. Review and refresh your inventory regularly so you can revisit and recall this goal.

With time, things will resolve themselves and a good-feeling next step will appear and happen with ease. And we will have not wasted the time, energy, money, or relationships that we might have if we tried to push things.




PS: We may fear this approach is just procrastination in a Zen disguise. Nope. Procrastination, like pushing things, feels bad. Letting everything have its time feels good.


Today’s photo credit: Steve A Johnson via photopin cc

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