We Will


That will never work.

This is an insurmountable barrier.

The problem is _______.

The reality is _______.

Look at how horrible this is.

I/we can never seem to _______.

Things are bad these days.

The world is in a mess.

Nobody gets it.

Nobody cares.

I can’t.


How can we expect to welcome the success we desire–big or small–when we constantly show the world and ourselves how impossible it is?

We will have what we want when we say and know that we will have it.


In your corner,


PS: The answer is not to be loud, forceful, pushing, or belligerent. It’s not a fight. That feels bad to all involved. Artificially pumped up, positive-sounding, rah-rah statements aren’t the answer either. The approach I’m talking about is mostly quiet. And it feels great.

PPS: And, yes, my friend. It starts with you.


Today’s photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via photopin cc

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