The Value To Our Clients Matrix


Based on our clients’ understanding of the problems and solutions they face, we can provide them more or less value. The more value we provide our clients, the more we profit. If we remain truly dedicated to out clients’ successes, we all will agree that they are getting a bargain and we are getting well paid.

When our client… And knows how to solve the problem And does not know how to solve the problem
Knows (about) the problem Welcome to RFP and Commodity Land! We compete on price and maybe on feature-function-benefit. Our profit is small. We can do well by selling volume. The presence of many competitors makes selling in volume more difficult. We are problem solvers. We compete on the value we derive for our clients. Our clients see that they are getting a good deal when comparing our fees with the results we helped generate. Our profit is healthy.
Does not know (about) the problem We are so tuned to our client’s needs, wants, and desires and committed to their success that we are trusted business partners. We compete by writing the RFP. Our profit here is up in the air. We can choose to work on those parts of the problem best suited to us and our abilities. We are clearly trusted business partners. There is no competition. Our profit is strong and our clients still agree that they are getting a good deal.


Where in the Matrix does your business operate?

In your corner,


PS: To see the problem before our clients do, we dedicate ourselves to their success and continually invest in learning what success entails for them.

PPS: Perhaps you work for a non-profit or government agency. Or maybe your clients are internal to your organization, not external. If so, the terms change; the Matrix still applies.


Today’s photo credit: juan tan kwon via photopin cc Hint: it’s not glass but strong wires.

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