Believing Is Seeing


Notice that

  • Our pasts do not define our futures. Unless we let them.
  • There is nothing we cannot be, do, or have. Unless we believe otherwise.
  • Nothing or no one outside of us prevents or guarantees our success. Unless we accept inherited biases.
  • We need neither battle to win nor cower to survive. Unless we think life is a contest.
  • People are generally good. Unless we are convinced they are not.
  • We stand on our own two feet. Unless we think we are weak.
  • We succeed best when we help each other in win-win. Unless we see the world as a series of zero-sum games.

Whatever you believe, you will see. So, which do you most want to see: the truths on the left or the right of the “Unlesses” above? Which feels better?


In your corner,


PS: Right. And it’s not nearly as hard as you might think to start believing what you want to see.

PPS: And what would this type of thinking do for our colleagues, families, and other friends? Right. Boom! Wow.


Today’s photo credit: Nicole Corpuz cc

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