Which Camp Are You In?

Faced with a change, most of us fall into the “yeah, but” camp. Getting a direction from our boss or seeing a new threat or opportunity out there, we resist.  Without much thought, we use our foresight and intelligence to prevent consideration. We enumerate and inflate the obstacles and we argue for our weaknesses. For example, “Yeah, but, that’s hard. It’s expensive. That’s not who I am.” In the “yeah, but” camp, our motto is, “No.”

Yet we can all easily move to the “yes, and” camp. Here, our motto is “Yep.” It takes just a pause and a bit of thought whenever we get a new direction, idea, or opportunity. We first commit to it. Then we use our foresight and intelligence to work around, over, or through the obstacles. That is, “Yes, I/we can do that. And here’s how we can do it…”


In your corner,


PS: In case you’re wondering, we have much more fun over here at Camp Yes And. Our s’mores are tastier, too.
Today’s photo credit: `James Wheeler After Dusk via photopin (license)

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