Which Camp Are You In?

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Faced with a change, most of us fall into the “yeah, but” camp. Getting a direction from our boss or seeing a new threat or opportunity out there, we resist. ¬†Without much thought, we use our foresight and intelligence to prevent consideration. We enumerate and inflate the obstacles and we argue for our weaknesses. For […]


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Chocolate and vanilla. Dogs and cats. Science and myth. Smart and good looking. People and profits. Life is better when we act as if and is more natural than or.   In your corner, Mike PS: Rich and happy. Ignorant and wise. New and used? Today’s photo credit: stu_spivack cc

Just Add And

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We believe in trade-offs: we can have either freedom or structure, money or doing what we love, short-term profits or long-term sustainability, good looks or good personality, I win or you win, openness or security, low price or good quality, etc. These apparent dichotomies create intractable problems and limit our health, wealth, and happiness. Yet […]


Have and Eat Your Cake

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We are so accustomed to constraints that we often accept them without question. Statements containing the conjunctions but or or slip by us easily and become accepted truth. “You can have your cake or eat it.” “We want to raise capital but the markets are soft.” “On budget, on time, or high quality: pick any […]

How to Move Negotiations Past Stalemate

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Everyone brings to a negotiation a story about what is true, what is wanted, and what should be done. This is fine and useful. It becomes a problem, though, when people think there is room for only one story. When that happens, you see stalemates. The people involved in stalemate hold one or more of […]