How to Start That Long-Put-Off Project


Here’s a simple way to get going with that project you never seem to get to.

First, make a list of the major chunks of work–best you can tell–that you will need to do to complete this project. You need not be precise, just thorough.

Next, pick the time by when you would like to see this project completed. For now, it is not important whether this is an accurate or reasonable date.

Third, divide the time between now and that end date into five equal segments. For each segment, write the number of hours you can dedicate to working on this project.

Then, slot each of the major chunks of work you identified into one of the five segments. Guess roughly how long each chunk will take. Take some time to ensure that whatever needs to happen first is slotted in before things that can happen later.

Finally, if you can’t make the work chunks and time slots of this rough plan fit, try extending the time frame, getting help, or reducing your goals until you are fairly sure it can work.

With such a plan on hand, you will have the confidence to start and a road map to complete this long-due project.


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PS: Why five segments? Because we can mentally grasp five of something with ease. And it feels right. With five, you have a beginning, middle, and end. You also have something that’s not quite midway and not quite at the end. Five makes it easy to know where you are and where you are going.

PPS: This approach works because we are consciously ignoring the complexities of planning that would normally bog us down.
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