A Small Journey to the Source of People Problems


Let’s take a small journey then come back home.

Most problems at work are people problems. People problems mostly come from our tendency to judge each other. We judge others because, deep down, we want to be special. We want to be special because we, ever deeper down, judge that we are somehow broken. We think we are broken because that’s what we’ve been told or assumed given all the unwanted stuff we see around us.

The way home from this journey is simple: none of us is broken. We have no need to make ourselves special to cover our flaws. We need not judge. We are much more similar than we are different. We are better together. Each deserves our respect as we deserve it from them. We can nip in the bud any problems at work with understanding and win-win.

Welcome home.


In your corner,



Today’s photo credit: Chris Ford cc

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