How to Clear Any Pile, Empty Any Inbox


Inboxes overflowing, papers stacked, multiple to do lists with unknown numbers of to dos, anything physical or non-physical that is stagnant or piled. We think that each of these is a symptom of a creative mind or a messy, busy, lazy, or undisciplined person. In fact, they are merely the evidence of incomplete thinking.

To empty any inbox, move any stagnation, or clear any pile, we need only think all the way through each item. Start with the first item and…

  • Answer for yourself, “What is this?”
  • Answer, “What does it mean to me? Or, what are the implications of this to me?”
  • If there are no implications or meaning, toss this thing; let it go.
  • If there are implications, answer, “What am I committed to regarding this? Or, what outcome do I desire regarding it?” And answer, “What’s the very next step regarding this thing?” Then do that next step or write down that next step in your organization system.

Repeat until the pile is gone. Works with any pile of things, thoughts, or emotions.


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Today’s photo credit: Jellaluna via photopin cc

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