Can This Be a Plan?

sand pail ocean

They say that the happiest people on the planet are always saying, “Thank you.” Sometimes they say it out loud to others. Most of the time, it’s a quiet thing. They seem to appreciate everything.

I don’t think that they think that everything is rosy. Nor do they ignore or tolerate the bad stuff. Perhaps they have found a way to look past the sand pails of bad stuff–the stuff that we tend fixate on–to the oceans of good beyond. Or maybe they have learned that even the bad stuff fits into the picture just so.

Whatever their trick, they can’t seem to stop appreciating. It’s like they are in quiet, sincere love with everything.

Can we take a page from their playbook? If we do, will it help us to be better leaders, influencers, and sales people?


In your corner,


PS: Yup, yup.


Today’s photo credit: kelgal77 via photopin cc

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