Vigilant Buzz Raising


Wherever we continue to struggle with something, we will find a long history of our bad-feeling thinking about that something. This thinking will often be habitual; we would hardly notice we are thinking it. And we may even think it’s normal to have these bad-feeling thoughts about this issue.

Bad feelings tell us we are focused on something we don’t want. And, habitually stuck with these bad-feeling thoughts, we tend to apply the same old solutions, recreate the same old issues, and get the same old results again and again.

The fix is simple. We can break out of the old, habitual, bad-feeling thinking with vigilant buzz raising. We can continuously, consciously raise our buzz. That is, we commit to always noticing the old, bad-feeling thinking and to then finding good-feeling thoughts to think about this topic. When we do, we free ourselves up to notice and take advantage of new solutions that will work and that we couldn’t see before.

And we get to celebrate the better results that follow.


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PS: Vigilance helps because our old thinking is subtle and habitual. Without vigilance, we will fall back to the old, more familiar ways.

PPS: The first step is catching the physical signals that tell us we are thinking something that no longer works for us.


Today’s photo credit: Glenn Seplak cc

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