How to Clear Any Pile, Empty Any Inbox

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Inboxes overflowing, papers stacked, multiple to do lists with unknown numbers of to dos, anything physical or non-physical that is stagnant or piled. We think that each of these is a symptom of a creative mind or a messy, busy, lazy, or undisciplined person. In fact, they are merely the evidence of incomplete thinking. To […]

Items Lingering in Your Inbox

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Items that linger in your inbox sap your effectiveness. The longer they remain, the more pressure, guilt, or distraction you will feel and the less effective you will be. Things linger in your inbox because You have not decided what specifically to do about them, Each might contain something important you should know, save,  or […]

Emptying Your Email Inbox

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How full is your inbox? Email messages will collect (and multiply, it seems!) there if you think that moving or deleting emails means you will forget to follow up. Without a trusted way to handle incoming emails, you will constantly battle a bulging inbox. To keep your inbox clean,  get good at Deciding what each […]