You Become a Target


When you give away to another something that you want (especially but not limited to core things like respect, love, appreciation, connection, safety, acknowledgement, etc.), you usually get much more of it in return. This unexpected bounty happens when you feel good (excited, warm, relieved, etc.) about giving and it almost always fails to happen when you feel bad (tight, conflicted, worried, etc.) about giving.

But why does it work?

It works because, by feeling good about giving away something, you subtly acknowledge that you had it to give away in the first place. That stance opens you up, makes you vulnerable, makes you a target. We all can sense your targets, what you are open to. We, without really thinking about it, tend to give you whatever you are open to.

Of course, this mechanism works for things you don’t want, too.


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PS: Tip ‘o the hat to Linda for inspiring today’s note.


Today’s photo credit: ekurvine via photopin cc

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