When We Get Stuck

When we get stuck, there could be many reasons why. Here are some of them.

  1. We see too many obstacles.
  2. We do not know what we really want.
  3. We are afraid to pick what we really want for fear we may regret our choice.
  4. Or for fear that we may fail. Or that we may succeed.
  5. We try to “make it happen.”
  6. We act when we feel bad (in an attempt to feel good).
  7. We tell ourselves feel-bad stories about the world and ourselves.
  8. We fail to see interim goals that break a big leap into manageable hops.
  9. We settle, justify, complain, or get “too busy/tired.”
  10. We think we are alone and have to do it all by ourselves.

Woof! No wonder we get stuck.

Happily, you can get unstuck by correcting just the last one and let that take care of the rest.


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