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Why do we sometimes get stuck in Groundhog Day situations? The same crap seems to happen over and over in our world, work, or lives. It’s because we are focused on being stuck, explaining why it sucks to be stuck, or seeking the reasons for being stuck. To finally get unstuck, tell a better, bigger […]


The Four Reasons We Get Stuck

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If any success for our organizations or ourselves seems elusive, then we benefit greatly if we can see what’s stopping us. Sometimes we get stuck because we don’t really know what it is we are after (or are afraid to specify it). Sometimes it’s because our buzz is too low; we are feeling bad, trying […]


The Sort of Leader Who Gets People Unstuck

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People who don’t change can gum up our organizations and their careers. We try requesting, coaching, pleading, pushing, “carrotting and/or sticking,” or even jumping up and down. Yet people often remain stubbornly stuck. We may explain their stuckedness as some character flaw. But they really stay stuck out of fear (or fudwar). And they are unable to navigate that […]


One Step to Unstuck

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Take a step. Just one step. One, incomplete-imperfect step toward whatever you most desire is all you need. By taking that one step, you counteract all of the negative thought that until now has kept you stuck.   In your corner, Mike PS: One measly step forward. PPS: It will probably feel quite good to […]


Unstick That Project

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Sometimes, projects get stuck because the timing isn’t quite right. More often, they get stuck because we have not thought them through thoroughly. When we are stuck, our thinking tends to be random,  repetitive, and frustrating. We just aren’t sure what’s what or what’s next. We may try talking it out, making a list, or […]


Getting Unstuck Is Simpler Than You Think

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Whenever you are feeling stuck, at a loss, or uncertain, remember this: you have everything you need to get clarity, direction, and movement. With some practice and maybe some help, you can access the answers. You don’t have to go too far, the answers are right here, just at bit hidden. In our day-to-day lives, […]


Success Trap

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Often, our greatest impediment to success is our past success. We make the mistake of attributing our prior success to some of our most treasured behaviors or assets. We conclude that, to keep succeeding, we must keep using those treasured ways. We think we know what’s right, what’s best. That would not be a bad […]

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How to Clear Lingering Tasks

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We waste time and energy on lingering tasks. They distract and drain us until we finally deal with them. If we have a task that we just can’t seem to get done, then it usually falls into one of these three categories: We don’t want to do it now and we don’t want to forget […]

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Neither A nor B

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“Option A is bad and Option B is worse.” We can get stuck thinking there are only one or two ways out of a given situation. Consider closely for a moment anything you struggle with. Within that struggle, you likely are entertaining a false dichotomy: “It’s A or B.” We can break out of this […]