Public Service Announcement: The Wisdom Virus

Be careful now. No matter how young or old we are, wisdom can strike us any time and when we least expect it. Symptoms include face palming, a sense of relief, and private, knowing smiles. Most professionals in this area will tell you you can survive an attack of wisdom with bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids. (In my experience these things don’t make much difference but they can’t hurt.)

Wisdom can be highly contagious. But other people may or may not “get” it. So be certain not too spread the wisdom too loudly or freely in your circles of acquaintances. Best bet here is to put the wisdom into practice as you see fit and let others draw their own conclusions from what they observe.

You may experience minor let downs following an attack of wisdom. This is normal and usually short lived. If you experience extended periods of well-being, happiness, and abundance after a bout of wisdom, then good on you.


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photo credit: Foxtongue via photopin cc

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