What If It’s About Mirth?


What if all this is supposed to be fun, light, simple? What if that knot in our gut (or wherever) was not something telling us we’d better be on guard, knuckle down, and hurry up? Maybe that knot is merely telling us we’re focusing on the wrong things and it’s time to feel good.

Out of fear, we cling to the belief that we’d better knuckle down etc. And all it gets us is more knots. If we let go of that inherited fear-belief, what do we suppose would happen? If we say, “Our worst fear would come true!” then we are still clinging. If we say, “I don’t know,” or, “Wow, that’d be nice!” then we are on the right track.

Letting go, we tap so many more resources that we just can’t reach when we’re knotted. Everything just gets easier.

Life–including our work–is meant to be delicious. Let’s have that.


In your corner,


PS: Tip of the hat to reader ML today. It’s all about the mirth.


Today’s photo credit: romana klee via photopin cc

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