The Wise Manager

The new manager asks or tells people what to do and wonders, “Why won’t they do what I want?” Telling louder or […]

Inspirational Fail

Inspirational posters and Instagram posts typically fail us. That’s because wise words do not transmit wisdom, they only coax us toward wisdom […]

This Is Big

How we (deep down) feel about ourselves determines much (almost all) of our effectiveness at work and in life. We can see […]

Why You Need to Heed The Signal

We’ve grown up thinking that feeling bad means that there is something wrong with us, them, or the situation and that this something […]

puffy dance

The Dance of Change

“What got you here won’t get you there.” – Marshall Goldsmith. “There is no need to change. Survival is not mandatory.” – […]


How to Use All that Wisdom

When we are running a low buzz, most of the wisdom and advice we hear sounds like misguided, wishful thinking,  at best,  […]


We Need Your Wisdom

We all need regular doses of wisdom to counter the less effective ways and thoughts we tend to carry around. Any wisdom […]