A Thought Game

Let’s play a thought game…

Pretend you make a wish that the craziness stops and everything in your work and personal lives is exactly as you want it to be. And, pop, your wish comes true. Wow! What would you do? Probably let out a huge sigh or whoop of delight, yes?

There would be no errands to run because you’d have everything you need. No meetings to go to, either; everything at work is running perfectly. No regrets to face. No worries about the future. You would be perfectly healthy, wealthy, and wise.

You then might try some “bucket list” things like skydiving or starring in your own reality TV series. Every day would be like a reverse “Groundhog Day.” You wake up to perfection and go on another adventure. Soon you would exhaust your bucket list. And faced with the prospect of unending perfection, boredom would set in.

Then what would you do?

On possibility is that you would play a new thought game. You would pretend that things were not perfect. You would make believe that your health, wealth, and happiness were somehow at risk. You’d then get to run around trying to make things better. After another sigh or whoop, you’d dive into this new crazy adventure of errands, work, meetings, conflict, pain, and achievement.

This cyclic thought game shakes things up a bit and helps us see possibilities in our real lives. Next time you are ready to curse the craziness or boredom, consider playing this game again. I think you’ll be surprised at how useful it is.


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