A Better Way and Why

Why not to do anything :

  • To pay the bills
  • To avoid pain
  • To please another
  • To get the girl or guy
  • To stay safe
  • Because it’s what you have always done
  • Because someone says so

Why do anything?

  • To enjoy it
  • Because it is interesting, exciting, tasty, different
  • Because it feels better

The first list describes a difficult “way and why” full of resistance and wasted energy. The second list describes an easier, better way and why. I strongly advocate you shift more and more to the easier, better way and why.

Here are some practical tips to help:

  • Allow yourself all the time you need to make this shift. You may be able to do it all in an instant or in a lifetime. You will be carefully replacing old habits with new ones and that may take a bit of time.
  • Choice is your big helper here. Follow rules because you choose to. Fulfill commitments because you choose to. Follow my suggestion to make this shift only if you choose to.
  • Delegate smartly. If you have something that needs to be done and that you don’t enjoy, delegate it to someone who does enjoy it.
  • Address the apparent selfishness. Making this shift can seem selfish. Let’s call it enlightened selfishness instead. As you become more discerning about what you will do and why, you free up time, energy, and resources that had been wasted grinding through the resistance. And you will have more available to help others. It simply will come bubbling out of you.

Shift, ya?


In your corner,


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