What Do You Want, Really?


What do you want, my friend? A new car, job, or relationship? More sales, money, or health? A house, a vacation, or someone to change their mind?

Why, kind soul, do you want this? What important quality would increase in your life? Satisfaction, meaning, or joy? Respect, growth, or freedom? Excitement, delight, or calm? Maybe love, connection, or fit?

How, honored one, would it feel–physically, in your body–if you had that quality you want?

Go ahead. Feel it.

If it feels like a buzz, release, relief, lightness, or warmth, then you have just received what you want, really.


In your corner,


PS: Really. Truth.

PS: And, I bet, made it much more likely for you to get the car, vacation, or the changed mind, too. Worst case? You felt great for a moment.

PPS: Repeat whenever. And give it away.
Today’s photo credit: Massimo Margagnoni via photopin cc

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