The Keep or Toss

How are you feeling today?

We have spoken about the improved effectiveness and other benefits of deliberately tuning your thinking towards thoughts that feel better and better. (See Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel Good. Then Act and here.)

Tools to help you feel good include The Flip, The Ladder, Telling Yourself a Different Lie, and Focusing on the Good Stuff. Let’s add another tool (inspired by an article from Ohio State University that demonstrates the usefulness of tools like these), The Keep or Toss:

  1. Grab any thought that you happen to be thinking a lot.
  2. Write that thought on apiece of paper.
  3. If that thought feels good and you believe it, fold the paper it’s on and slip it into your wallet or purse.
  4. If that thought feels bad or if you don’t believe it, shred (or crumple up) that sheet of paper and throw it away.
  5. Repeat as needed.


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