Focus on the Good Stuff

In the Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel good. Then Act. we see how useful it is to take some time and feel better about your situation before acting. In addition to tools like

listing things that you appreciate also does wonders. Make a list on paper or electronically of anything and everything that you appreciate. You can focus on things that you appreciate about the situation you are in or list things you appreciate in general. Appreciation focuses your thinking on the good stuff.

Give it a try.


In your corner,



PS: If needed, 10 Bonus Points for every “appreciation” about yourself! Whoooooohoooo!

2 thoughts on “Focus on the Good Stuff

  1. Good one, Mike! How often we forget how good we have it, mired as we tend to get in our (trivial, really) troubles! I’ve just met the beast of worry face on in going through the exercise of projecting our financial situation, but he disappeared in a flash when I sat back and started to think about where we are, compared to 95% of others in this city, let alone the starving masses of Africa and India, teetering for their whole lives on the edge of real disaster!

    1. Yes, Jay. And even the little things can help immensely. The color of a room, the smell of your favorite breakfast, the clothes you are wearing, any of the possessions you already have. Relationships with people help, too. The way your sweetheart laughs, the wonderfulness of kids when you lock eyes with them or when they are asleep. All of these things can be the good stuff.


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